Hed Kandi

Hed Kandi

The legendary dance music label is back on Passion Radio. Join Mark Doyle as he plays the fiercest house music every Saturday Night on Passion Radio. Packed full of the very best in Funk, Disco & House in the mix.

Mark’s career started in 1988 as a promotor of a club night at the now legendary Haven Stables in Ealing, London. 10 years experience DJing in London nightclubs set him up for what would happen next.

It was in 1997 whilst at Jazz FM’s compilation department that Mark Doyle set up a new house music record label that was set to revolutionise dance compilation albums. Hed Kandi was born with its unique and vivid branding and soulful house sound.

Under Mark’s leadership, the label enjoyed huge success with Stonebridge who produced two top 10 singles and another top 30 single. Mark also signed Peyton, LNM Project and Solu Music Featuring Kimblee.

Shortly before Hed Kandi was sold to Ministry of Sound, Mark left to launch a new events and record label in 2005. Fierce Angel. Following a similar approach, Mark Doyle continued to pay special care and attention to the musical journey each album took the listener on whilst at the same time commissioning stunning visuals and artwork to accompany the sounds.