Survey Reveals Gender Discrimination in Dance Music

Survey Reveals Gender Discrimination in Dance Music

A recent study conducted by Help Musicians and the Musicians’ Union has illuminated the persistent challenges and inequities women face in the music industry.

The Musicians Census, now in its fifth iteration, surveyed 2,526 female musicians and found a staggering 51% reported gender discrimination, with a third experiencing sexual harassment.

This report underscores the industry’s ongoing struggle with gender bias, revealing that women are significantly more likely to encounter career barriers, including pay gaps and limited progression opportunities, compared to their male counterparts.

The findings further delve into the financial disparities and professional obstacles women musicians confront. Notably, women in the industry earn nearly a tenth less than men, despite higher educational attainment in music. The report highlights specific genres where these inequalities are most pronounced, such as UK Rap and dance music, and points out the underrepresentation of women in technical roles like DJing, producing, and sound engineering.

The survey’s revelations have spurred calls for action to address these systemic issues, with Nadia Khan of Women in CTRL emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to ensure equity in the music profession.

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