New Rule Fines Unprepared Ibiza Clubbers Up To £8,000

New Rule Fines Unprepared Ibiza Clubbers Up To £8,000

UK clubbers heading to Ibiza and other parts of Spain without confirmed accommodation may be hit with fines up to £8,000 thanks to a new rule.

The legislation, targeting British and non-EU passport holders, requires visitors to present proof of lodging for their stay, capped at 90 days, alongside a return or onward ticket. Accommodation evidence can range from hotel bookings to private residence confirmations, including a formal invitation, known as a “carta de invitación”, from hosts.

The process to issue a “carta de invitación” involves a detailed application with the local police, a task that can take up to 60 days and costs approximately €70 to €80. Failure to present the necessary documents upon arrival could result in significant fines for both tourists and their hosts, with penalties for overstaying the 90-day limit potentially reaching €10,000. This move by Spanish authorities aims to clamp down on unregulated tourism and ensure visitors are adequately prepared for their stay.

The Spanish government is imposing earlier closing times for bars and restaurants in a bid to align with other European nations, following the Prime Minister’s decision to reduce the work week to 35 hours. Tourists planning a trip to Spain are advised to thoroughly prepare their travel documents and accommodation details to avoid these substantial fines.

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