Legendary Acid House Clubs Immortalised with Yellow Plaques

Former London venues home to legendary acid house raves during the ‘80s and ‘90s have been commemorated with yellow plaques.

George Georgiou, the artist behind the iconic acid house smiley face, has installed plaques outside several historic, now-closed clubs, celebrating their impact on the music scene.

The plaques honour venues like Shoom, The Milk Bar, Velvet Underground, Sin, and Special Branch. These clubs were pivotal in the acid house movement, with Shoom being notably significant for featuring Georgiou’s iconic yellow smiley on a flyer in 1988. This symbol became a hallmark of the rave culture that flourished in those decades.

In conjunction with these installations, Georgiou is launching the George Georgiou Gallery, a digital platform showcasing rave flyers from the ‘80s and ‘90s. This digital gallery also includes an interactive map of the commemorated sites, offering fans a virtual tour of the historic venues. Georgiou aims to inspire younger generations by bringing this rich cultural history into the digital age.

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