Could the world’s smallest record revolutionise DJ sets?

Could the world’s smallest record revolutionise DJ sets?

Scientists in Denmark are a step closer to solving the age-old problem of lugging precious dance vinyl to gigs by developing the world’s smallest record. The record, which measures just 40 micrometers in diameter, means you could fit over 2,000 on a single pinhead.

The physicists, based at the Technical University of Denmark, used a technique called nanolithography to scrape away tiny amounts of material to create the miniature marvel.

To Peter Bøggild, an amateur musician and vinyl record enthusiast, the idea of cutting a nanoscale record was obvious. “We decided that we might as well try and print a record cut just like you would cut a normal record, although since we’re working on the nanoscale, this one isn’t playable on your average turntable,” he said.

However, before you go upgrading your DJ kit, there are a couple of downsides to overcome. Bøggild goes on to add that you’ll need a rather expensive Atomic Force Microscope to play back the sound. Also, each record can only store 25 seconds of stereo audio, so your set might be a little shorter than usual.

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