Calvin Harris Defends Ultra Music Festival Performance

Calvin Harris Defends Ultra Music Festival Performance

Calvin Harris has addressed criticism from online commentators who labelled his Ultra Music Festival set as “underwhelming”. The discussion emerged following his performance at the Miami-based event, marking his return after an absence since 2013.

Harris’ response to the critique was shared in the comments section of a Dancing Astronaut Instagram post, where he defended his music selection by listing his hit songs, each amassing a billion streams.

Despite the backlash, Harris received support from fans who praised his dedication and impact on the music industry. The Miami New Times review of his set noted a unique approach, likening it more to a traditional concert than a typical DJ set, citing his extensive catalogue of hits as a distinguishing factor.

Harris’ performance included popular tracks like “This Is What You Came For” and “Feel So Close”, showcasing his status as a leading figure in the electronic dance music scene.

The Ultra Music Festival itself faced challenges this year, with severe weather conditions causing the event to close early on the opening night. Nonetheless, attendees remained enthusiastic, enjoying the festival’s offerings amidst the mud.

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