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There are many ways to listen to Passion Radio using your computer, internet radios or your mobile phone.  Are you listening to Passion Radio using a device not listed? Share with us how you're doing it and we'll publish it on here so others can try.


We've recently changed our webplayer to work with Adobe Flash. This means you can now tune in using the webplayer on any computer that supports the Flash plugin including Apple Macs, Windows PCs, Linux and many more.

Simply browse to on Safari on your Iphone, Ipod or Ipad to see a specially formatted page and player for listening on the move

Simply browse to on your Android device to see a specially formatted page and player for listening on the move

Simply browse to on your Android device to see a specially formatted page and player for listening on the move




What happened to your 87.7FM Transmission?
We are allowed 28 days on FM on an occasional basis to promote Passion Radio.  Our first FM outing was on 1st-28th May 2006 in Brighton and Hove, and more recently in the run-up to Christmas 2006. To continue listening to Passion Radio you'll need to listen online at

What happened to your DAB Transmission?
Passion Radio recently broadcast on DAB, and may return to the platform if there is enough support. Did you listen to us on DAB? Would you like us to return?  If so please tell us

I'm not based in the UK - why can't I listen?
Passion Radio, like other legal radio stations, must gain a licence to use music in order to exist.  Our current licence has made it financially unviable to broadcast outside of the UK.  However, if there are enough overseas listeners who would be interested in paying a subscription to listen to Passion we may be able to unlock our streams to outside of the UK. Please let us know by contacting us if you are interested in this option.

I am in the UK, but your website thinks I'm overseas
Our website uses Geo-IP technology to work out which country you are in.  Occasionally, like any new technology, it can get it wrong.  If that is the case, you'll need to become a registered user and then 
contact us with your registered username and we can grant you access to your username.  We may ask you for verification of UK residence.